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Adventure-Based Learning

Activity, exercise, and new experiences all trigger production of a protein-based hormone, BDNF, that causes NEUROGENESIS! It’s like Miracle Grow for your brain!

“Challenge by choice” activities, that require us to step outside of our comfort zones create the ideal conditions for learning… Click the underlined link to see how The REAL School uses therapeutic adventure…

Brain Science and HAPPINESS

Happiness and your Brain
The underlinedĀ link above connects to another recent presentation … This one offers a framework for understanding the ongoing “battle” between the brain’s cognitive and emotional centers and strategies for actually increasing affective well-being (happiness)! School culture is shaped by individual behaviors, attitudes, affects, and interactions. Brain plasticity (the super cool phenomenon wherein our brain structure/archetecture changes in response to experience) is responsive to everything we see, hear, do, and think! Teachers and school administrators (or anyone else, for that matter) can use strategies in this presentation to increase both personal well-being and ORGANIZATIONAL well-being, enhancing the educational experience for everyone in the school!


Tips from the Neuroscience of Behavior, Engagement, and Learning

Here is a link to one of my recent presentations – It addresses (basic) adolescent brain development, the impacts of trauma/poverty on development, and the importance of a relational approach. It also provides several tips for improving outcomes for students at high risk. Hope you find it helpful!

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